Finding Happiness and Success

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Finding Happiness and Success

Happiness and Success Resource Center

There are fifteen segments of guided personal growth and positive psychology readings on happiness, success, innovation, motivation, luck, reinvention, job hunting, career advice, and service and kindness here. They are followed by five appendices. The first four are books or articles written by Lawrence Danks.

  • Your Unfinished Life – Finding Happiness and Success Through Kindness 
  • Getting A Job”
  • “You and Your Future” - A Career and Job Hunting Guide For College Students
  •  Finding Happiness and the Right Husband or Partner: Finding The Right Man For You 
  •  A Collection of Happiness and Success Inspirational Quotations

Need more happiness, success and fulfillment in your life? This educational and informational website will help you. Bookmark it and take as long as you need, but go through it all. 


It's Important Not Only To Be Happy and Successful, But To Have A Well-Lived Life

Find Your Safe Harbor of  Happiness and Success...                              (La Rochelle, France -  

Find Your Safe Harbor of  Happiness and Success...                              (La Rochelle, France -


In the article, "What Happy People Do Differently" by Todd B. Kashan and Robert Biswas-Diener, ("Psychology Today" - August 2013) the authors indicate that:

"In a study of more than 10,000 participants in forty-eight countries, psychologists Ed Diener of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Shigehiro Oishi of the University of Virginia discovered that people from every corner of the globe rated happiness as being more important than any other desirable personal outcomes, such as having meaning in life, becoming rich, and getting into heaven...Most people accept that true happiness is more that a jumble of positive feelings - it's probably better described as a sense of 'peace' or 'contentedness' ".

"As well-being researchers, we don't deny the importance of happiness, but we've also concluded that a well-lived life in more than just one in which you feel 'up.' The good life is best construed as a matrix that includes happiness, occasional sadness, a sense of purpose, playfulness, and psychological flexibility, as well as autonomy, mastery, and belonging....Not only do people differ in their happiness matrices - but they can shift in their own respective matrices from moment to moment."

"Overall, people who are the happiest tend to be superior at sacrificing short-term pleasures when there is a good opportunity to make progress toward what they aspire to become in life. If you want to envision a happy person's stance, imagine one foot rooted in the present with mindful appreciation of what one has - and the other foot reaching toward the future for yet-to-be uncovered sources of meaning."

This section is a wonderful prelude to the many helpful thoughts you will find in the pages that follow. Thank you for visiting the "Happiness and Success Resource Center. I hope you find it helpful.

Time To Refresh and To Reinvent Yourself  (Ephrussi de Rothschild Villa and Gardens, St. Jean-Cap Ferrat, France)

Time To Refresh and To Reinvent Yourself  (Ephrussi de Rothschild Villa and Gardens, St. Jean-Cap Ferrat, France)

Purchasing Happiness and Success Books

In the event you wish to purchase some of the books mentioned in this website through Amazon, a copy of the book covers is shown on a number of the site pages. Clicking on the "Buy" button will take you to the Amazon page for the book to place an order. Most of the books are very modestly priced. Many are also available for Kindle. When you leave the Amazon page for any book you may have ordered, the "Happiness and Success Resource Center" will still be here when you're finished.

(Two of my books, Your Unfinished Life,  and Finding The Right Man For You, are both out of print. although by going to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or other booksellers, you may be able to locate a copy from the secondary sellers they list. The entire text of Your Unfinished Life is located on this site in "Appendix A". The entire text of "Finding The Right Man For You" is located in Appendix E.)

As you go through this website, take notes and jot down any ideas you get along the way. These resources are simply a starting point to set goals for yourself and to improve your outlook and your life.

Many outstanding happiness and success works are cited here. It’s important to experience them yourself by reading from the original sources. The tests contained in some of them are valuable and an essential element in knowing how to move forward more effectively. Also, what I have read and summarized, may not be as relevant as something else you would see that would speak more directly to you.

Please refer others to through your associations, and through social media, so that the information here may help them too. Check back in periodically. The site will be continually augmented and revised.

Two ways to use these resources:

1. Follow through the material sequentially (which I’d recommend) - Under each heading, read the introductory material, then proceed through the readings that follow, in order. (College students, after reading this segment ,should go directly to  Appendix C: "You and Your Future" ,shown near the end of the topical list . Then return to Segment 2: "Happiness and Well-Being")


2. Scan the list of segments and select one. Some may not have the time to complete all the reading that’s contained here, so if necessary, click on particular sections that interest you. While my goal is to have everyone get the full benefit of all that’s contained here, I’d rather have visitors derive some value than none.

The best way to think of these resources is that they are intended to be a “bridge builder”, leading you to further detailed and customized study that will tell you more about yourself and lead to other educational experiences, and also to professionals, who are highly trained and experienced to help you. Reference to these resources is only the first step. It is not an end in itself.

It’s important to your success to seek out a variety of opinions. By the time you finish, you will have had many, including mine. But that’s not enough. You need to consult with people who know you best and also with others who are familiar with areas you have an interest in. All the advice you’re going to get from others is not going to be good. You might also not agree with all of it either. Just take it all in and evaluate it as you go along. Keep an open mind too.

The benefit of these resources, and any further courses of action it leads you to, can only be determined by the actual steps you take to improve your life. Just reading about it, while highly worthwhile in creating the proper motivation and frame of mind to help you move forward, is no substitute for setting meaningful goals and accomplishing them.

How long should you keep at this? Keep these two thoughts in mind as you go through life:

Plan To Live To Be One Hundred

The famous motivational speaker, Dr. Robert Schuller, says that this is the proper time reference. (It makes no difference how long you actually live.) The idea is to always have personally relevant goals or a project, for as long as you live. This will give your life meaning – and meaning helps produce happiness and a feeling of success. (A feature on “Sixty Minutes” indicated that the population segment over ninety years old is the fastest growing one in the country. It’s projected to quadruple in the coming decades. You might not make it to a hundred, but you might still get to be a nonagenarian!)

You're Never Done

“How will you know when your work is done?” The answer: “If you’re still breathing, you’re not done yet.” So always have goals, and keep at them, even if at age ninety, it’s simply to speak with two friends a week, listen to the evening news, take care of your pet, tend to your herb garden, fill the bird feeders every other day, and watch the 57th season of “House of Cards”! Always keep Renoir’s last words in mind: “I am still progressing.”

The famed British polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton is buried on South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic, a region where, in his failure to reach the South Pole in the early 1900's, he arguably established the gold standard standard for leadership, engendering loyalty, and team building. If you ever feel that you’ve have taken about as much as you can take, or that you have failed at something and don’t feel good about it, read Shackleton’s Boat Journey by Frank Worsley. It will hold you spellbound, and in wonder, about how much human beings can face and still come out on top, no matter how long the odds are.

And what about “You’re Never Done?”  Let it be said of you, as it was of Shackleton:

“Never the lowered banner, never the last endeavor. Keep fighting until the end." There is much in you to give and a great example you can set for others.


I’ve taught over fifteen thousand students, and have diversified work experience, combined with counseling of students, and extensive reading on topics relevant to this site. It has helped others. I hope that it helps you. While I’ve created this resource bank to assist you, I am not a career counselor, course adviser, psychologist, medical practitioner or attorney. Such questions should be referred to your community college’s counseling office for assistance (or their reference to other sources), and/or to appropriate professionals.

Italicizations and Bold Text

With few exceptions, italicized and bold text in these resources is mine.

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by Lawrence J Danks

Finding Happiness and Success Lawrence J Danks